Top Resource for Bipolar Disorder & Loved Ones

top resource for bipolar disorder and loved ones

TLDR: This is the top resource. It’s a dry, but important read with real-life examples. I recommend listening to the book first, then using a physical copy to reference later.

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When I received my bipolar 1 diagnosis, it felt like the world around me as I knew it ended. Everything I looked up made me feel doomed, full of grief and anxiety. On top of this, I had family immediately hounding me with questions. These were questions I didn’t know the answer to, and when I researched, only heightened the aforementioned negative feelings. Between this fear and the horrific mania recovery time, I told them not to look up anything. In hindsight, this was not helpful for anyone, but again, I was in recovery from mania, which can take up to a year (and for me, it did.) So WHAT is the top resource for bipolar disorder? In my opinion, it is The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide.

Now with the name, The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, it really does sound like the perfect book. While I wouldn’t go THAT far, I would say it gives tangible advice. Most importantly, it gives real-life examples of how a person with bipolar disorder may feel or act before diagnosis, and general life tips.

This book reads like a textbook. The material can often be dry, and I would recommend

  • Listen to the book on audio first. The material can be jarring at times, and listening to it in a calm voice quiets that narration you use in your mind. Audible is an easy way to listen.
  • Own a copy to reference – again, it’s like a textbook. There’s a lot of material, and it’s highly unlikely you will remember everything after a single listen/read.
  • Take notes: there will likely be portions that stick out to you (a real life example within the book that reminds you of yourself/loved one).

Book Summary:

There are 3 parts to the Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

  • Part 1: Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, What the Experience Looks Like Before and Getting a Proper Diagnosis
  • Part 2: Treatment Planning, the Most Important I Believe is Medication
  • Part 3: Tips for Staying Well

Please comment if you would like a list of helpful additional resources, from a person also living with bipolar disorder.

Stay Well.

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